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As of Fall 2011, the new Caselist is located here: opencaselist.paperlessdebate.com

Previous years archived information is available here: archivedcaselist.wikispaces.com/

The objective of this space is to collaboratively develop the best possible scouting for the NDT/CEDA intercollegiate debate community.

Better intelligence improves all debating.

Members of the debate community all want to see debate at its best. As competitors, we want to debate against the best competition. This caselist is part of that effort.

This is an ongoing community project. It takes hard work and contribution by each member of the community to improve our debating as a whole by advancing argument as much as possible from one round to the next. The hope is that decentralizing control over contributions will provide better information for everyone, improving the debating of the entire community.

The impetus for this space is multifold:
1. Fair and open access to information improves everyone's debating.
2. Decentralized contribution improves "at tournament" and "pre-tournament" scouting, shifting the burden of scouts from mere collectors to evaluators of current information who can prioritize their scouting appropriately.
3. It inverts the centralized model--"free-riding" complaints and public haranguing by scouting directors work, but the best corrective is probably community input. If you see someone with inadequate scouting, do what you can to correct it! If someone contacts you for your cites, post them here for everyone to see!

My hope is that it becomes a norm for each tournament to require updated information from each team entered. This space facilitates that by eliminating the need for a pre-tournament compiler—replacing that role by making all participants a pre-tournament intelligence evaluator who can identify shortcomings and focus on them as the tournament progresses.

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Basic guidelines

1. Add all you want. Delete nothing. Corrections should be noted in subsequent additions.
2. Page organization:
  • Each school gets a page.
  • Each team gets an aff page and a neg page: see existing school pages for the basic idea
  • Teams are arranged alphabetically with their newest information first.
  • Use "*[*[toc]*]*" (without the asterisks or quotation marks) at the top of each page to make the page automatically generate a table of contents based on heading levels.
  • Use heading 2 to list the specific team name (preferably not just initials).
  • Use normal for other text.
3. Include all contextual information:
  • Team
  • Side
  • Opponent
  • Tournament & Round
  • Judge

Getting Started

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Scouting Templates

These dramatically increase compiling efficiency.
How to Use The Scouting Templates
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